August 22nd, 2006

bird amelia

Happier Times

I don't remember ever posting this pic from our trip to LA, so here goes:

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I'm having photography withdrawls. Andy left his wonderfully old-school un-automatic Pentax (maybe?) camera with me and a couple of rolls of film but this was how the conversation went:

me: How long have you known me?
andy: about four years?
me: and in those four years, have you ever known me to have an ounce of patience?

so the fabulous instant gratification that one gets with a digital camera...well, I'm having withdrawls. I know I could take some awesome shots of stuff around here with Andy's camera, it's just about getting out and doing it.

Tomorrow will be wonderful. Andy and some of our friends are going to the river. Now, I can't actually GO in the river as it would mean CERTAIN DOOOOOOOM for my immune system, or something like that, but it will be wonderful to be outside, to be near the river, to be with friends, and to be doing SOMETHING. anything. I feel useless.

Tonight is the first night that Andy isn't here with me in this GINORMOUS bed at the long-term hotel, where we wait and wait and wait and wait for an answer, something different, do we go back into the hospital? Or is this is? The only thing we can do? Hurry up and wait.

If I can, I want to go home to coos bay after my appointment with le doctor on thursday. I just despise the four hour drive there. Snuggling the (other) man in my life - Taylor - will be worth it though. I am in desperate need of a kitten fix.
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