August 20th, 2006


It's been a while, hasn't it?

So I was released on Thursday. It was a game of hurry up and wait, finally getting out at 2 pm. My parents have a long-term hotel that they stay in, and had paid it up until the end of the month. For many factors it was best for me to stay in Portland - can't go home at the moment, and I had to go to weekend clinic yesterday (had to get some platelets) and it's probably a good idea that I stay close to OHSU anyway. So now Andy and I have the hotel for the few days that I'm out. Think of it as a fabulous getaway.

So I guess back up a bit. I was released because they can't do more chemo until they get the infection in my nose under control. And there was nothing that they could do in the hospital that I couldn't do outside of the hopsital. I was having daily anxiety attacks and literally YELLED at a CT scan tech to get me the hell out of the CT it's a good thing that I got out for a couple of days.

A home nurse lady came Friday morning to show us (andy and I have been staying here at the hotel - it's clean, close, and free) how to do one of the medicines that I need to hang IV - all the rest of the antibiotics, antifungals and antieverything else can be taken in pill form except for the Caspofungen. So we've been doing that once a day. Andy's been amazing, excellent, patient, understanding, and compassionate and is super cute when he helps hook up the IV. We've talked at length about our situation, and he always reassures me that we are in this together. I have the best boyfriend ever.

And we've been together for a year now. My longest relationship yet. I tried to have that cute little party in the hospital for him, and since it was also our anniversary, he bought me a beautiful double heart pendant (we've yet to find an acceptable chain) which meant a lot to me.

I told you. He's amazing.

So I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and will probably be re-admitted next week. To start the whole induction process OVER again. *sigh*

I keep hoping something tragic will happen to me not having anything to do with my disease so I can say "fuck you, leukemia" and that I didn't die from it but from something else.

Oh yeah. I'm a hot blonde now.