July 25th, 2006

soooo hardcoooore amelia

Amelia Deckchair

Day 6.

Today's my last day of chemo. Or rather, was, as it ended like...45 minutes ago.

Today's also the first day that I haven't felt, like, awesome. The biohazardous material infiltrating my body has finally started to catch up with me. Luckily, I had fabulous Suz here with me for most of the day, and we lounged, watched a movie, played some boardgames, etc.

We watched "Danny Deckchair," which is an Australian movie about a guy bored with his life who ties a bunch of balloons to his chair during a "barbie" (BBQ) and floats away, into Eowyn Mirando Otto's life. Strange. And Australian. And sort of based on a true story.

Am up and have had just enough caffein to tide me over so when boyfriend calls I may be awake. Which will be at like...midnight. Go me.

Have decided that "My Super Sweet 16" Or whatever the bloody hell they call it on MTV has got to be the silliest show ever. Or at least on the top ten.

Also also, the construction going on above me sounds like sex. Lots and lots of sex.