July 22nd, 2006


Thank you, Mandy Moore, for being more of a media mogul and less of a pop star.

Day 3 of hospitalization, Day 2 of chemo.

So far so good I guess. Stuff going into me, stuff coming out of me.

My official addy for the next few weeks will be the following:

Amelia Worth
Adult Oncology, 5A rm. 16
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, Or 97239-3098

Andy's been VERY attentive to both me and my lappy! And as a result of fabulous boyfriend, I now have internet in my room. YAY for me!

Starting to have the beginnings of reactions to the chemo. Again, I pretty much prematurely lopped off a couple of inches of my hair but it was a "taking matters into my own hands" kind of thing so yeah. Go me.

And of course, even when I'm having CANCER and in the hospital, there is still LJ drama. gr.Maybe I'm just old-school...

Also I've decided that Mandy Moore annoys me. Not only do ALL HER SONGS SOUND THE SAME, but the movie "A Walk to Remember" really annoys the fuck out of me. Maybe it's just the circumstances of the story (which, I swear I'm not trying to ruin it for anyone) and her character's "hardship", but also even in the fucking MOVIE, in a PLAY, her solo song sounds EXACTLY like every other song I've her sing.

Thank you all for all your lovely messages!
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