July 15th, 2006

bird amelia

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Am now moved into Sarah's old room. When she lived there, stuff literally flowed out of it. Suz and I decided that the sheer amount of crap she owned and that spewed from that room on the day of the move (yesterday) was reminiscent of a clown car. But now she has the big room (darling, I love you) and she will not die a horrible death from her closet monster towers of clothing.

OMG warped tour tomorrow! aaaand the digi battery goes dead TODAY

Since I'm going into OHSU on Wednesday, we've decided (by "we" I mean "Sarah and I") to extend an open invite to anyone who wants to go with us to Burger N Brew on Tuesday night. It's at 6th Street Grill, on...6th Street. There will currently be seven people going (including the members of my household, matty, my mom, and then Dave and Lindsey), so if you'd like to join us, Please RSVPish so we can tell a waitress how many to expect. Come one, come all, yay! It's a party!