June 23rd, 2006

bucky katt

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I've been here five days? When the hell did that happen?

Time flies when you're having fun? Chillin' with the 'rents, chillin' with the girls, running into jason (old karate instructor), hanging out at the karate school...bleh. In an alternate universe, I would be RUNNING my own karate school. You know, if I wasn't fighting cancer and all.

Question of the week: If you are friends with both the bride (yes you Kim) and the groom (yes, you Paul) which side do you sit on? Technical questions that neither moms could answer this morning so I come to you, dear readers.

I'm waiting on the decision of an appointment in a comm and I've been waiting patiently but now I just really wanna know the results! The anticipation is the worst! I even had a dream about it! ...weird.
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