June 21st, 2006

bucky katt

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Sherard and Kim (flute Kim. Yes, that Kim) are getting married. She asked me to be their photographer. It sounds like it'll be the right time range, too. I haven't agreed to anything just yet...but I'm excited. It's exciting. yes.

I've been home for two days now. Having a really hard time with the port site...I've been in some pain, finally called the doc and they called in some antibiotics, because hey! that bitch that put the port in, it was her last day, and told me she'd give me antibiotics, and never did. Yay medical professionals.

Other than that, it's been good here. Got the last part of my fairy (or rather, faerie) costume for this year's Faerie Worlds. I went last year with runnerwolf and skydancer, and this year I totally want to dress up! So far, the tally for our group is: me, Andy, Sarah, possibly Celena and Linda, possibly my mom, and Matt if he can get the day off. haha. So yeah. Got my skirt, got a dress for the wedding...

now I'm just babbling. enough of that. gonna go stamp! yay!
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