June 13th, 2006

"you gave me peace in a lifetime of war"


The minor surgery hinted at in the last post = today. This is good. I'm having a port put in my chest (really, it's just a small disk inserted under the skin) this afternoon. Luckily, I can fit it in today because tomorrow = a final paper due, a final final, and then work, and they wanted to fit me in tomorrow. *scoffs*

This means, however that I can't have any more food until after the proceedure. And the last thing I had was coffee, so needless to say, I am a little jittery! But this means that I won't have horrible tracks on my arms anymore from repeated failed IV starts, and it'll be less time with the transfusions. YAY! So yes, it'll be so rad. Like those people that have things inserted under their skin for shits and giggles (I shit you not, those hardcore piercers/piercees know what I'm talking about) except mine will be functional.

And, I've given up on the battle. She offered to buy me pants. Now that I don't have to buy my own (since hey! I have NO TIME), whatever. If she's stressing that much out about it, she can buy the pants for the wedding. I'll let her have her "perfect" wedding. I'll wear the skirt to the reception. All will be fine and dandy, but (because I'm the asshole who always needs to have the last word), she really should have had it squared away a month ago. So there.

Studying, tally ho!
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Fuck the last post

as I was on the operating table today for the port, they came up to me telling me that they couldn't do it.

"You're joking, right?"

"No, your platelets are too low. They need to be at least at 50 to do it."


Apparently, when your last day is thursday and you don't care about your patients, it is. Because OF COURSE I'm going to have low platelets, you dumb bitch, that's why I'm getting the fucking port in the first place!