June 9th, 2006


Good Morning

For a couple weeks now, I've had this burning owie thing in my chest (it was hurting on the left side, over my heart). Like my heart was going to SPLODE. I kept telling people, and they were like "meh." and I just envisioned my heart sploding, and at my funeral Suz being like "she had been complaining for weeks that her chest hurt...so FUCK Y'ALL!!!"

So I told the nurse yesterday and she actually acknowledged that it might be a bad thing.

So then I told the doc. And he went poke poke poke on my chest and I went "ow ow ow!" and he was like, "have you been lifting weights?"

me: *whining* "They were ONLY five pounds!"

he points at me. "ha. I'd tell you to take some Motrin, but...oh yeah! you can't have any!"

So my heart will not splode and there will be no funeral where Suz tells every one to fuck off.

And now I feel the best I've felt in weeks. Since before I went into the hospital. That lingering gross black cloud that's been hanging over me, a little slight depression (and no, I don't use that term lightly) is gone. so YAY! No more depressing Modest Mouse or Coldplay, we're back to Reel Big Fish and Nothing Less on the ipod. Which, yeah, I guess you can guage moods by the Recently Played playlist. meh.

And today is the last day of classes. Yes, I know that everyone and their mom from Oregon is saying the same thing. But this also means only two more days of work. Ha!
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