June 8th, 2006

bashir: made of awesome

hubcaps and bathing suits

Honestly, what is the fuction of hubcaps? They just fall off anyway. I declare them entirely functionless, with the exception of shielding your eyes from the heinous view of hubnuts or whatever the fuck they're called.

Also, I went swimsuit shopping yesterday. Because the old one just didn't fit anymore. At what age do you stop wearing two piece bathing suits and go back to onsies? If at all you wore twosies? When you do it during your twenties, is modesty the driving force, or is it just painstakingly obvious that you're ashamed of your body? What's the comfortable middle ground, a tankini?

Which is what I bought yesterday. In black. To match...everything else in my wardrobe that is black. Really, it was the only thing that looked good, (even though the two pieces are from different lines, and the metallic thingies on them don't match, but they're far enough apart and both silvery that they could pass as two parts of the same swimsuit), and hey, why not? If it ain't broke, don't fix (the color), right?


Tankini's a stupid word.
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