June 6th, 2006

bird amelia

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OMG. It's a little weird when you find one of your favorite hometown (yesh, Coos Bay) bands on ITUNES. So I've been completely obsessed with Silverhawk and Johnny Cash (who is not, that I know of, from Coos Bay, but they have some similar themes, depending on whether or not John Densmore is singing, as opposed to Sam songs. I like John songs better). I helped John write a song once when we went to Montana. By the way, Collapse ) is Silverhawk. (Photo by me!)

Had a fucking radtacular bike ride today to Chevron for some soda. It was probably the best I've felt in a couple of weeks. The breeze, the ride, the friendly smiles along the way, the excersise...it was lovely. lovely lovely lovely.

I'm sad that their are no monkeys in North America, but I know that Americans would have killed them off anyway if we had them. Therefor, I like to think that Taylor the oversized lovebunnybiterkitty is a monkey that doesn't use it's prehensile tail.
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