May 28th, 2006


Memorial Day Weekend.

I have more polka dots on my skin than a Trill. Welcome to the worst drug interaction/reaction I have EVER had. Therefor, not much going out has been had. I spent yesterday afternoon on a beach while Andy surfed and that was about it. Luckily, I have a fabulous boyfriend who loves me with my spots, and at once, even called them "cute, like freckles. You should keep them."

Aaron, I'm not ignoring you, I promise.

Also, in America, tomorrow is Memorial Day. It's never meant anything to me except a day off from school, and I still don't know anyone who's actually died in any war...(that I can remember). But I have an ex-boyfriend and two cousins (and a couple of friends) in this fucking even if you don't agree with this war, or any other war, or the choices that people make to enter the service...don't forget them.