May 5th, 2006

bird amelia

Cinco De Mayo

*Points up* Today will be a good Cinco De Mayo, what with all the immigration shit going on lately. I fucking hate politicians who don't have pressing matters, so they have to go and find something that annoys them rather than is detrimental to their existence...take, for example, gay marriage. Or immigration (I bet Americans would be pissed if Canada built a 700 mile long fence keeping us assholes out). It's the same thing. People want to deal with it because it's something to do. Fuck those guys.

So I feel bad wearing black, not supporting Mexico's liberation...but I bought a really cute skirt yesterday. And because I'm extremely bloated, decided not to wear pants.

And you thought that perimenopausal 22 year olds couldn't get their periods. Ha.

One of the phlebotomists at the cancer center came out to me yesterday. I assume I wasn't the first, since she just casually said it, but it was nifty...I always feel honored when that happens. I told her about my parents (amelia's got two mommies, everyone) and that I have a bunch of gay friends...

and while I believe strictly in nature when it comes to the nature vs. nurture argument, I still kind of wonder how I didn't turn out the same way. Honestly, at some points in high school I felt like the odd man out. meh. anyway.

So phlebotomist X mentioned an LTBQA prom that's going on during memorial day weekend. I kinda wanna go. Although, again, I'd feel like the odd man out. But that doesn't mean I don't want to go. :)
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