May 4th, 2006

paris parked

I'm a goddess among mere mortals...

because, although my neutrophil count is at like .o7 (when people with NORMAL immune systems are at 4.8o) and I HAVEN'T gotten this stupid two-week flu yet that BOTH OF MY ROOMMATES and ONE of my professors have had BAD. Siriusly. Like, I'm amazing like that. So I hope I'm not going to jinx myself by writing it in my LJ.

I joined a new ST RPG...hopefully this one will last longer than my previous ones. skydancer and runnerwolf: Our old cappy is in on the action, too. :) Thought you might like that.

And OMG HOUSE! Collapse )

I feel like I'm losing interest in LJ, which would be a sad day in amelialand, as I've had this corner of the interwebby for like...5ish years. So no, I'm not going to abandon it, I'm just amazed that I've found stuff to post about before in the past, because I feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to write about. *shrugs*
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