May 2nd, 2006

heinous bitch

feeling a little memey.

real post part:

OMG! I get to do a photo shoot for two of my favorite people! YAY!


I bet the producers of HP:GoF had a fabulous time trying to find a Cedric. All those young men thinking they were hot shit...I was just thinking that today...I wonder what they had to do for audtions? Jump out of a tree and then stand around staring blankly and once in a while checking their reflection in a piece of glass ("window") provided by the producers? Ha!

non-real post part:

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Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 6 weird
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1) I'm a little weird when it comes to justifying my health, going by the math of my transfusions and how far between them...I like to think the less transfusions I have or the longer I go without having one means that I'm getting better. It may or may not actually work. ha.

2) I really hate mushrooms, except for those little white ones, and even with those I go through periods of liking them cooked and not liking them cooked and only eating raw. I've done shrooms twice and thinking about it right now makes me cringe. Ew fungus.

3)I'm really lazy about jewelry. I really liked that I had a bunch of piercings with the industrial metal, because that meant I didn't have to change them. I go through periods of wearing trinkets around my neck and change them every once in a while...since I cut my Star of David off, I haven't found a new trinket, kind of forcing me to actually rotate my jewelry out, if I want to feel pretty.

4) I always buy drama movies and then when I'm aching for a good comedy, I'm at a loss. I lose at buying movies.

5) Even *I* didn't think I'd stay in college. Now that's one of my biggest goals in life to finish post-transplant.

6) I'm kind of a closet snob. I don't mean to be, but certain fashion SUCKS right now. Siriusly. HOW are the jean minis and leggings STILL IN FASHION? HATE HATE HATE. *shrugs*

I tag:

1) demonic_raisin
2) little_s42
3) speshope
4) the_duke
5) leopard_cap
6) unaspenser


How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know?

How many times have you felt 'guilty' asking a close LJ friend a question that should be 'obvious'?

Well, here's your chance. If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irratated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.
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