April 28th, 2006

it's luv

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So disregard that last post because it ain't gonna happen any sooner than expected. lame.

Spent an ungodly amount of time between yesterday at OHSU and last night at SHMC. It was teh suck. Until, of course, when I was getting my eyes checked (because on this clinical study, people's retinas randomly detach from their eyeballs), my opthamalogist had a Star Trek TNG-style communicator pin on his lapel, and through th sorta kinda tears and that stupid shit that they put in your eyes to make them dialate, I started some serious LOLing. And the little Russian minion of his that I was angry with (because they called me in an hour late), had NO IDEA what we were talking about when I brought up the new movie/abrahms stuff. And even some monty python in there. It was the saving grace of yesterday.

work from 12-5 today. mrrrp. Doing outdoorsy stuff down here this weekend. I've been really cranky lately, mostly at the general world, and Andy's been so sweet to not blow up at me for being stupid. Now that's love. :) So now I'm running on fumes and coffee today. Go me!

Not much more to update...except that I think potatoes would be really good in an omelette and if I knew what I were doing, I'd actually make it. So there.
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