April 24th, 2006

bucky katt


Had crazy dream where Andy and (his carbon copy) Donny (and me, actually) did coke, hid in a barn, watched two of our friends get snagged by the police, and then I gave him an ultimatum. AND THEN we went to a hospital, where we gave an old lady some coke to get happy, I lost my digital camera, and then I couldn't take pix with Jason Lee, who was visiting the hospital.

...that's the second dream I've had about losing my cameras.

It's been absolutely gorgeous the last couple of days, and I've been doing as much as humanly possible to even out the sunburn that I got only on one side yesterday. Yesh, I have one red arm and one almost suntouched arm.

Oh and I'm SUCH a rebel. In that I'm doing something doc told me not to.

And and and I am so cool in that I recieved a really cool nominationy thingie...so cool and so hush hush that I have no idea what it entails. Rock.