April 23rd, 2006

bird amelia

Shout Out

Benefit = awesome. Even though the place didn't sell out, the lower portion was all filled, and so many people came to the event. We ended up saving two side rows for the fabulous people that turned out (and forgive me if I forget someone, there were so many fabulous people) but Brandi, Ted, Rachel, Dan, Jane, this guy Wes, and then me, Andy, Suz, and throughout the night, fabulous other people came up to me, Catherine, Erin, Jessica, Misti, Tony, and I even got to see Jen Northup McIntosh who looks BEAUTIFUL! working at the box office.

Went well, then went out to Max's (the bar that The Simpsons' Mo's bar was modeled after) and met up with Craig/Ryan and it was just fabulous to see people that I haven't seen in a while. When Brandi had called me yesterday, I didn't recognize the number, mostly because I had deleted her number in my phone like ages ago when she first said she was going to Africa because hey, it's Africa, do they really have cingular service over there? ha.

So all in all a lovely evening. Today I'm gonna call a family friend and see if we can go over and ride her horsies. yay!