April 21st, 2006



Today we mourn the loss of the nice weather. It was only 2.5 days of it, (yesterday being the half, because it was nice but overcast) and today is total crap. In fact, I didn't even see that it was raining, I thought it was just overcast so I wore a skirt, and lo and behold it's HOLY CRAP COLD.

Although, my faith in humanity was somewhat restored (after last night's disaster of a platelet transfusion - I had two whole platelets before said transfusion - where the phlebotomist fucked up hardcore and was completely unprofessional) when I recovered my bracelet from McKenzie's computer lab that I left there yesterday. It's a really simple pretty silver bracelet that I left over by the macs and I'm sure someone could have snatched it...but there it was, waiting for me when I went to retrieve it today.

Am SO EXCITED for life today, for two reasons. a) Andy's coming down and picking me up after work today and I feel like I haven't seen him in FOREVER and then b)after a conversation in anthropology (go figure) about BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs (narrated by Kenneth Branagh no less!) I ordered it on amazon.com, as well as Walking with Monsters (which is about life on earth pre-dinosaurs, which I find slightly and geekily ironic, as life on earth in the precambrian really had little-to-no feet, and therefor WALKING with monsters would have been just a little hard. That's all). So those come today and I can't wait!!

ALSO!: Divisi and On The Rocks are putting on a benefit for me TOMORROW NIGHT. Go to badgie's post here for more details.
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