April 19th, 2006

bucky katt


Yesterday ='d GORGEOUS. Roommates and I sat out on the front stoop (which is a lie, since our stoop was shady.) I laid on the warm warm sidewalk reading National Geographic, Sarah sat in a chair looking ohsogorgeous reading a mystery novel, and Suz kept a watchful eye on taylor, who was sans leash and just kind of hanging out in his jungle (hedges). Thus, the afternoon.

And then we went out to dinner with roommate 3.5, Matty.

And then we went to High Priestess. Sarah decided duct tape was getting to her belly button piercing, so we ended up there. With a boy whose name was NOT Jared (but Timmy) who looked like James Kelley with a bunch of piercings and kept calling us both "sweetie." (probably in the hopes of getting mad tips, which didn't happen since we both paid debit and he forgot to add it in).

Yes, we. I bought plugs. Granted, they're like...14 g plugs, so not very big, but considering Sarah made me come clean and tell Jared-Timmy that I had a "blood disorder" (which turned into a slough of questions), they're ADORABLE.

I myself considered the piercing fad to be dead-ish with the influx of punani skirts, about the same time (file that transition under "disgusting but intriguing things you can adorn your body with") So there. I bought plugs. And they're adorable. The end.
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