April 17th, 2006

amelia coast

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Stupid debit transaction # 237: I recieved a $25 gift certificate to amazon.com from Kym for easter. I bought a NEATO ipod case, and with shipping, the order came to $25.73. Which means I had to put .73 on my debit card. Awesome. :)

Life lesson learned number # 129: If you aren't in danger of dying in the next hour, then whatever seems incredibly fucking important THAT SECOND can wait until morning. Where morning = having slept on it and realizing that there are more solutions than there were the night before, and that it is a lot easier to solve a problem with a full night of sleep, a full tummy, a full coffee cup, and viable business hours. :)

And, in general, the human body (or at least mine?) continues to amaze me. In that it's a LOT stronger than the average person gives it credit for.

And last but not least, University Geology professor quote # 984: "We're on our way to becoming a coffee-colored people." ...discuss?
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