April 10th, 2006


Where to begin?

I'm still in the Land of Port, because I have a doctor's appt on Pill Hill (aka OHSU/Oregon Health and Science University) for a clinical trial that I'm involved in. *shrugs* blah.

I've been lucky enough to spend more time with the boy, though, which makes me a happy camper. Um, except for yesterday, in which the two of us, plus Toby and AJ went fishing where I proceeded to become incredibly irrational and shouted at Andy. Poor boyfriend. :( Have any of you seen DS9's "Emissary"? Where he's stuck in that one moment in time?

Kinda like that.

But before that, we went to Authentic Japanese Gardens which was AMAZING. It was so pretty. I took a bunch of pix, but because I have a gift idea for them, I can't "release" (really, just "post") them until after next weekend. But surf the site, the place was GORGEOUS. :)

All in all a fabulous time. :) But I will leave you ladies with a word of warning: Avoid Elexa, Trojan's new fem line. ICK.

PS: and someone told me that I looked like Scarlett Johanesson at the cocktail party. ha!