April 1st, 2006

amelia coast

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Cirque Du Soleil might have been one of the raddest things I've EVER seen. Acrobats, gymnastics, a girl who could probably give herself head if she really wanted, she was so limber, and two little...well, they were either nine year old boys or munchkins. I never found out.

I bought my moms a gift, but I haven't told them what it is. Ha. They'll just have to wait.

one_happiness is going nuts!! A week ago, we had about 70 members, which were mostly mine and Kim's flist...and today, right now we have 377 members...and updating like a mofo. HOLY SHIT. We are featured on LJ spotlight this week, and it's crazy. And, of course, there are some haters. Have since banned them. Let them be dicks. They said we were hippies. True, I'm in Eugene...but I'd like to think we are happy hedonists :) rather than "dirty hippies." Just because they're sad neo-hipster fucks and don't like happiness doesn't mean they have to be haters. *shrugs* Happiness is marking trolls as spam. :)

Seriously. I leave LJland for like twelve hours...and one_happiness runs amok with happiness!