March 31st, 2006

amelia coast

Psychological musings

Am now in the land of Port. Watched boyfriend practice with his band (yes, boyfriend is the newest addition of singer to his friend's band ♥) and they're having a show tomorrow night. Matty, I will totally call you to at least hook up for the party. It was good. Boyfriend is hot. Even more (is that possible?) so as a singer.

As they were debriefing after practice, I got to be in on boytalk, which was interesting as I've never heard it before. One of them borrowed my phone to call his fiance. He answered it as "hey sweetheart" and he told her he loved her in front of them. Turns out he's the biggest asshole of them all and a raging racist. is weird.

The others all have girlfriends, one of them is scared shitless to get married (and rightfully so, he's super sweet but looks like he's 18) and the other guys were just musing on their girlfriends...something a female is rarely privy to.

We're going to see Cirque Du Soleil today. Ha.

Oh yeah. I think I have NOTthrush in my mouth. Awesome. Another reason Amelia shouldn't have been diagnosed...because she doesn't listen to anything anyone says and it pretty much goes in one ear and out the other.