March 25th, 2006

amelia coast

The Coos

What was Bush's plan to eradicate the bird flu?


He decided to bomb the Canary Islands.


In the Coos for a couple days...lots of R & R is on the menu. Got a couple of friends in town, including Andrea, whom I'm hanging out with today :) It just doesn't feel right, being here without Suz or Sarah though. Maybe I'll call Linda and see what her and her brood are up to...
amelia coast

Sort of kind of a real update

I was a little mad at John and Sam Densmore when they changed the blade song from "you'd better buy yourself a new blade, when you get to Coos Bay."

because it's kind of true.

You know you're in The Coos when you come upon a guy in carhartts fixing the engine of his souped-up chevy with duct tape.

The 'rents, of course, didn't have caffein at home, so I ventured downtown on a mission for coffee/need to get out and walk a little bit, so I went downtown and got coffee, then discovered a shop of a friend's and found some Ansel Adams stuff that will be my next project. ♥

Spent a LOVELY afternoon with Andrea. We didn't get to go out to the beach because it was CRAZY raining. So burst-y. So we went to Sozo, where there was free coffee tasting, and I gave her a mini-photography lesson, which was fun and we shot a roll in the coffehouse. I took a little on my digi, not much, and they're not great, lemme tell ya, but by request of *coughjessecough* are a couple, including pix of Andrea demonic_raisin and two new icons for her. They're simple, I might make more after dinner.

Kind of in a weird mood, feeling for Andy. Wondering if I should have been there with him today instead of being here. I mean, he didn't ask me to go with him (and I feel weird posting about him when of course he's going to be reading this)...but I wish I were there with him, going through this with him, helping him get through this. Urgh.

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I love this pic because in the foreground is the new hostel in NB, and in the background is one of the oldest buildings in the area, the hotel in the background.

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