March 24th, 2006

amelia coast

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I don't usually like to update about going drunking...but last night was extra-special.

I had just gotten done with my last paper, which caps off the term in a "good riddance, bastard Winter '06" way.

Got gussied up and headed out to John Henry's, our bar of choice (80's night on thursdays and radtastic shows friday and saturdays. Can't really go wrong there). Was there for three solid hours and it just kept getting better.

High point: Running into Mala smala17, Mike, and Thomas and the six of us getting our dance on. For a couple hours.

Low point: including sketchy boy from the last time matt, suz, sarah and I went there and thinking they can just grab whatever they want. Seriously.

So Sarah, having never been there, quoted when we got home, "I haven't danced sober like that since high school." It was a hit. :)

I was gonna post this part even before we left for the bar, but here it is now: I have an amazing boyfriend. That is all.