March 21st, 2006

west coast girl

Finals week = a time to not study...right?

I just gave my carefully packed dinner to a couple of punk kids on the sidewalk. Oh well, I've been having a hankerin' for some Panda Express anyway.

Today = final #1 (and last, fancy that). Can't really get the gumption to hunker down and study, thus an update after some running around. Am on campus, bound and determined to at least go over my notes before the test. I finally got ahold of some black matting because, dear gods, if I have to cut my own black matting too (the mat cutter marks something nasty on the black matting I bought, and hey, by the way, I suck at cutting straight lines) I would never get anything finish. That, and the bookstore, for the first time in four years, let me down. No black matting. Mother unit will pick me up on friday for the hanging this weekend of the shots, then the art walk second thursday in april. SO SOON!

Andy found out some shitty news today, and (although he's reading this, most likely) my heart broke for him. During the last few years I've experienced a lot of grief, being lumped into a group of people where only 50% 19.8% of people survive. I've seen three friends die and it's more than I thought I could put up with. Ugh. It's not anything I would wish my worst enemies (...if I had any?) to put up with.

ps...I should never, under any circumstances, research my own survival rate.
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