March 20th, 2006

intergalactic samurai


Today at work, as I was copying a report for the bias response team leader, I came across some stats about people being discriminated against and how one of them was language related, and how people didn't get jobs because of their sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, preference on shoes, whatever, and then one hit me "inability to speak english/language discrimination." which I found odd at first, but now I just can't decide...on the one hand if I were interviewing people for a job in AMERICA I'd pick someone who speaks english because hey, I need someone who speaks the language of the people they'd be interacting with, but on the other hand...hey, it's a little mean to not give someone a job for that reason.

But I still can't believe it's considered discrimination.

On friday I cut my Star of David necklace off because, for the first time in a long time, I wasn't proud to wear it. It was weird.

Still have a fabulous boyfriend and a great life and still have finals this week. Just pluggin' along, I guess.