March 19th, 2006

intergalactic samurai

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It was a cruel cruel idea to give a disease that makes you bruise a lot to a girl who has no sense of grace or balance. This weekend's adventures were bruises galore.
intergalactic samurai

WTF am I doing?

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I only took a few pix this weekend as I am getting FED UP with it all. urgh. I hate people who think they're totally better than everyone else. Boyfriend pointed it out that pretentiousness is part of being an artist. God I would either strangle someone else or die a horrible hateful death if I did it as a living, but in the same breath, as bullshit as it sounds, I found beauty in the world when I didn't think I could find it. It's so cliche, but when you don't feel beautiful, when cancer has stripped you of every beauty you feel...

Wonderful, fun, amazing weekend this weekend. Seaside. See above. *shrugs* Had my own personal thunderstorm. <3

tomorrow begins finals week. And then I will be done. done done done. then cb love, then pdx love.

Edit: scary point in the weekend where it all came flooding back to me. The sickness. Is cemented by the fact that my friend Shirley is having her second stem cell transplant. That's what happened to the others. But her and I will fucking survive this shit. I'm bigger than this, we are both bigger than this.