March 16th, 2006

head's guitars

The good, the bad, and the rockin' fuckin' awesometastic

Good: no transfusion today! It would have been a double-dose, both blood and platelets, but somehow my body has manipulated and restored itself somewhat so I've eluded being poked and filled up. That will mean both for next week, which I'll happily oblige during spring break since I'm not CRAZYBUSY this weekend.

Bad: it's a sad day in Amelialand when adlessness ceases to exist on my site. :( I gotta pay an exuberant amount of money to get them off, which will most likely happen next month.

rockin' fuckin' awesometastic: No transfusion means I can go see Silverhawk tonight at Luckey's. A shitty venue, but I get to see long-time friends rockin' the stage. Since I turned down two people for hang-outs because I thought it was transfusion night when in fact, it won't be, anyone wanna rock out with me?