March 15th, 2006


mind montage again

Internet not working at home. Just about pitched a fit about it.

Finished my first ever Sudoku puzzle last night after a week of trying. Oh yeah.

Everything's going well. Will be part of a clinical trial starting real soon. Involves going to pdx every two weeks (oh how hard) and another bone marrow biopsy. Luckily there's no control group involved. :) Had a long talk with Kier about the paper he's writing and it brought up some weird things, as interviews are wont to do, but it was just kind of surreal.

As a lot of my life lately has been altogether. Sometimes I look back at my life almost through the eyes of someone else, like I'm not the one living my life. I see things like it's through a window, memories are fragmented, feelings are the one thing that cement it for me that they are mine. Like all of this, the last two years, are just a crazy weird dream that I'll wake up from soon. Of course there's been good interspirsed with the not good...but it's all just kind of surreal. After two years, I'm still processing everything I guess.

Like I'm not me. Is it the cancer? The chemo brain? Or is this how people's minds adjust to repeated near-death experiences?

...adding a geology major would add like five more years to my schooling. Might as well stay with the geol minor because physics/calculus/chemistry? oh FUCK no.