March 14th, 2006

intergalactic samurai

The anti-Nazi Nazi

As I was sitting in the EMU with cascadia_rain eating lunch, a man approaches us, points to Megan's newly chopped locks, and asks her if she's a liberal. Cattily, I ask "umm, why does it matter?" (thinking he was right wing and was gonna bash her for shaving her head) and then he launches into this story about how he's an Eleanor Roosevelt liberalist, blah blah blah, and then somehow it gets into how he's jewish (he takes off his baseball cap and he's wearing a yarmulke under and how he got a parking ticket yesterday.

Cogratulations, retard, you park in reserved parking.

And then he launches into this thing about how him getting a $25 parking ticket is just like Nazi Germany, in fact, since he doesn't have the money to PAY the ticket, it MUST be the holocaust and the University is just trying to oppress him and he has to fight the second holocaust and it's all a big Nazi setup. And that he has to fight the ticket and the oppression and when I looked at him like he was crazy, he's like "I'm an esteemed professor, I know what I'm talking about." *rolls eyes* riiiiight.

Goes back to talking about how "his people" had always been oppressed.

What the fucking fuck? Goddamnit, that pissed me off. I didn't show him my necklace, I didn't have a chance because he just wouldn't shut up. But goddamnit this guy piss me off. Um hello, I'm a new jew but fuuuuck everything has to be about the Nazis. And not just that, but relating it to a PARKING TICKET?

Wow, why don't we take money out of whatever paycheck you like to think is yours and pay DPS, EPD and ODOT all at the same time since you don't want to pay your goddamn ticket because you're a stupid FUCK who can't park in a non-reserved parking spot.

Crazy old man.
intergalactic samurai

Lunch adventures pt. duex

Today as I ate lunch I listened to two girls gossip about OTR boys and how they're friends with one of them and then Aaron came up to them and they invited him to their party and then about how they always go to the 4 o clock amphitheater shows and blah blah blah who's the bestest fan EVARRRR. I don't miss those days.

Check out my new site: AWP AWP AWP AWP.

It's still under construction (and of course I'm still doing my best to get better at what I do) but I got a lot of good feedback from the beta testers, so I thought I'd show it to y'all. Peruse, enjoy, but give me feedback. kthx.