March 12th, 2006


Stick Figure

I am working on a project for my anth class. The class of DOOM really. The one with the asshole GTF and the crazy cheating off me girl. I'm working on sorting six bags of 100 (each) grams of shells.

I'm fucking screwed. I've been working on it for four hours and am maybe half way through.

So instead of throwing my chair into my closet door in a hissy fit (because, really, that's already been done and there's a huge hole in my closet door), I went downstairs, made some coffee, and decided to do a quick update.

Fri: had a hot date with Andy at Ambrosia. You only wish you had a boyfriend who treated you so well.
Then went to wobblies show.

Sat: pretty much not a lot. With boyfriend.

Sun: hung out with boyfriend's parentals, launched some pigs, stopped by the park, then resolved myself to sell my soul to the devil if that means I get this project done by 8 am tomorrow morning.

Took some pix. Am working on a site. It has three more days without pop ups, but I'm nowhere near done with it.

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pretend they're all pretty with final touches and everything, since I gotta get back to work.

oh yeah, I've read a lot of my flist lately, but if I haven't commented on it in the past two days it means I haven't seen it and if there is something that you think it so fabulous that I should know it, then you should tell me. kthx.