March 10th, 2006



As the world turns and the sun shines its weak March rays to the earth, the ice melts. Tracks of emloyees heading out before dawn tease the ground. Did those people, scuttling to work on a Friday morning, see the delighful white gift from above? Did they appreciate nature when they couldn't see it?

Dawn breaks. Trees with small buds, blossoming forth with zeal and much effort for March, cling to the tree in hope of survival. Drip drip drip goes the snow, melting off the cherry tree. The blossoms will survive.

The world is cast in a black and white photo, timeless. Grey sky, white snow, light cherry blossoms, dark contrasts of objects underneath the snow.

But light means warmth and snow does not. Slowly the ice and snow melt, drip drip dripping into the earth. Mother earth recieves the drips with gratitude, promising to birth beautiful plants and sustain life with those drip drip drips.

Creatures come out of their nests, trees, safe havens. Skuttle across the white ground. Birds dance on the trees as morning develops.

You've just experienced Mother Earth. You've just experienced beauty at it's finest.