March 1st, 2006

amelia coast

Quickie McQuick

So, like usual, I probably made things worse and probably have one less friend but when she's screwing over one of my best friends...umm...eff that. She doesn't realize what she has and she's taking it for granted. What a lame-o. I guess we'll find out later today when she logs on.

Last night was pretty much a blast, the usual four of us went out to the Wetlands for Mardi Gras and it was pretty bitchen. Saw the Essentials, who are all a bunch of radtacular band kids and they fucking booked a show and it was awesome to see everyone, including but not limited to Scott Ruby!! Gabe, Bill, Mala, Christina, Jeremy, Danielle, Easton (anyone remember him from Hamilton Foods?). Crazy little Ethan was there, so I spent half the night avoiding him because it's a little difficult to be all, "look, you're making eyes at me and I am madly in love NOT with you so leave now please kthxbai."

Crazy stuff may or may not have ensued.

Took pix, got four hours of sleep, long day, mom coming. Rock!