February 24th, 2006

pirate amelia

Update on Pooka

I had my second acupuncture with the new lady yesterday. She's kinda weird, crazy, but good for the psychi. We talked a lot about stuff, and I really am swinging back into positive thinking, feeling, knowing about this summer. I know I talk about it a lot. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, but there's something about it now that I know it won't be the end. For a long time, I was worried that I wouldn't survive the transplant. And now I know that it will truly be just the beginning of a wonderful new life with my love. That is all about that.

At work this morning, bright and early, the coffee is going right through me and I'm getting a bad case of the "hour later jitters."

I have like a bajillion things to do today, work until 12 and then two tests back to back, at 12 and then at 1 (yes, I'll be late to the first one) and then go home at 2, pack, and leave by 3:30. Hopefully, my computer can be resussitated.

And my bear, Pooka, was taken under the knife yesterday by Sarah B, FFMD (furry friend Medical Doctor). She stitched him up nicely and although I've yet to see the actual site (since it's in med tape bandages), she left a prognosis on a legal pad and put him in a nice bed on the dryer. She's so good to me. ♥