February 22nd, 2006

Serenity "Honestly, there could be tears"

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weird weird weird.

I took Taylor to the vet yesterday. I felt all grown up because I was the one to go back instead of waiting for my mom to come out, which was always the case in the past. Josh, Sarah's Josh, took me because Matt couldn't (which I totally understand!) and I think the vet thought that we were together. Which, um, no. But my little boy has ringworm, which THANK THE GODS I don't have. I can't believe it and I feel like it's a small feat for my body that I haven't gotten it. I spent an ungodly amount of time cleaning the apartment because, yes, it's transmittable to humans. So I fell into bed at 8:30 after spending the afternoon cleaning...

I feel like things are changing and staying stagnant at the same time. Thinking more about what's in store for me this summer...I think my subconscious has finally caught up with my conscience and finally, after months of feeling like I will not survive the transplant, I'm just like "damn girl, don't be dumb. You'll get through it, you're overreacting, it's just a transplant." And so I'm just looking forward to getting through it with ease and moving forward with the fabulous life that is in store for me post-transplant.

I have 5 minutes before class...and yet I'm still at the library. I'm losing my bearings with my body, usually I can tell when I'll need a transfusion and when I don't need one...but this week, I can't tell...and I hope that's a good thing. That it means I won't need one. Like I said, I feel like I'm at this juncture in my life when things can only get better. I hope this is one of them.