February 6th, 2006

mmmbopthis in Egypt

Newsie news news

So the insurance that we thought that I had actually didn't go through (they denied it in December and just forgot to mention it) so we resubmitted the app and supposedly it went through and will go retroactive for 2/1/06 so that's good and I won't have the card for a couple of weeks and I thought I was done with it and then I wasn't but apparently I am. So umm...cross your fingers and toes that it doesen't suck again like it did before.

I came to a revelation this weekend about relationships, etc. You will undoubtedly be misled in a relationship and do stupid stuff if your role model for the perfect relationship during your formative teen years was a volatile relationship where the husband was psycologically abusive and manipulative and destructive and the wife chronically lied to him, did a buttload of stuff behind his back, and then cheated on him. And, some say (although this is only a rumor), she did coke (which may or may not be true, she got kinda crazy at the end).

Life has a funny way of working out when you least expect it.

If Hummers didn't suck so much and I had a lot of money and a driver's liscence, I would totally get one just because the rad "Little Monster" commercial from the Superbowl almost convinced me.