January 29th, 2006

amelia coast

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We went out last night. I thought I was wearing something cute, but I felt like an idiot. And right around the point in the night when I watched a tall dark haired guy bend down to ask a short cute girl who was dressed in a cute tank and black cardigan and a studded belt if she was okay in the same way Andy asks me, I felt an annoying twinge in my tummy. I miss him like fucking crazy.

But a temporary fix was to be had when we went to neighbors (which was DEAD) but I ran into a very cute, very gay friend of a friend and his gayboi posse and all was made better for like a half hour.

Alex is in town and I thought this was a cute pic:
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the rest can be found here

On a completely unrelated note, after working out 2-3 times a week for the past month (and sporadically for ever), going on two and a half weeks of not drinking, and making a conscious effort to eat healthier, I'm beginning to see results. Small ones. I feel better. I caught a glimpse of myself while working out today and I saw results. I still have a long way to go and taking care of my body and not pushing too far are still my main goals, but since my self esteem has kind of taken a nose dive lately, it's a small reward to myself and a nice surprise. At least the negative parts of my medicinal side effects are slowing down, if nothing else. That's good enough for now.

Edit: I had a dream with Joy Agner in it one night, and then another dream with Sterling ziggystarmod and University of Portland was a golden castle but it was in california and had red clay as the ground, but beautiful oaks grew out of it and Eva Longoria was my friend but she was like...16, and then someone stole my new camera. I think the last two parts classify this shit as a nightmare.
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