January 27th, 2006


Some real news

Nothing is completely positive yet, I don't have the card in my hand, but I am 98% sure that my insurance has changed. Which means we can go ahead and go with the transplant and I will no longer be a slave to the IV. This is incredibly nerve racking and scary, but it needs to be done. That and I wouldn't want to let Kathy (RIP) and her family down by just letting something this great pass me by, no matter how much I dig my feet in the ground about it.

Throughout the whole thing, Andy's been incredibly supportive and wonderful. Not in that fake, fluffy "aww you'll be all better and happily ever after" crap that I hate, but more like "look, you need it and I'll be there with you no matter what so just shut up about it already" (okay he doesn't say the last part but if it were me I totally would). He's been through a lot with me, and still says that he'll be with me throughout the transplant and even when I lose my hair, he promised he wouldn't ditch me (that was my insecurity that I brought up with him). That's love.

Some of my stupid emotional issues have been because I've been having to take like 50 (actually up to 4) BC pills a day because I've had some issues, and then I cry because I bleed (remember the mouth? Yeah that sucked) and then I have to take more pills to stop the issues and there are so many hormones in the pills and they make me even more emotional, so I cry because of the hormones and then I lessen the dose, bleed, and then cry because of that. It's been one crazy emotional evil cycle, but Dr. Rad-y McRad put me on new BC that is supposed to fix it all.

So please just disregard (almost) anything I've said in the last few months. Or rather, anything bitchy I've said. Or at least find it in your heart to not hate me.
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