January 24th, 2006

bucky katt

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Pretty much I hate most things right now. I spent 19 hours in the hospital because people suck. My left hand is green/red/purple from the middle of my finger to my wristCollapse ). I HATE INCOMPETENT PEOPLE. And survival rates.

I have an assignment due tomorrow that is 35 pages (one page per species). I got the assignment on Sunday night (because I don't know why I couldn't print it off on my laptop, but got the assignment printed off on a mac). Am freaking out about said assignment, and just emailed the prof begging for more time. Edit:
Dr. Kennett is a gem
and is letting me turn it in on friday.

To ease the damage of my calm, I tried to take self artsy pix (with my fucking RAD new camera). Suffice to say, "cam whore" and "artsy" don't really go together. Meh. Guess I'm gonna have to hang out with my friends more often so I can take pix of them.

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