January 22nd, 2006

pirate amelia

love me, love my dinos

so ummm...

I scoured lj for a new layout. I can't help it, this one is too good. There may still be some kinks, but mmmbopthismmmbopthismmmbopthis I can't help it. Thank you missjecka for being so generous, but I was bored and am REALLY picky. I'm back to my 9 year old dinosaur loving self. Maybe I'm just missing Spike, our dug out T-rex (and the man whose desk he resides on).

Am reallllly reallllly looking forward to getting my new camera, a Canon powershot. I made a joke this weekend to Andy this weekend that he goes through computers like I go through cameras. Kym, my other mom, is pretty much scavenging me, waiting for me to unwant my Canon Rebel (an SLR) and to sell it to her. Um, no.

And now for our girly neurotic vague cyberjournal moment: box!