January 12th, 2006

potterpuff mcgonagall

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Happy birthday demonic_raisin!!! I love you, Andrea!

Sometimes I get into these crazy rages. Most of them are warranted, given everything that's gone on in my life, but I really hate the feeling. I have irrational feelings sometimes and I know I'm not the only one affected by them. Yup. That was my deep thought for the day.

I'm already tired of this term. Today is day four and I'm already tired of it. Mostly because I'm a morning person and I signed up for mostly morning classes...but *ugh* I love school and everything but I'm not just doing school and work. I'm also doing chemo, transfusions, and dr's appointments.

Which leads me to some annoying news I recieved yesterday: I'm not really allowed to drink. At least not for a few weeks, one of the nurses yesterday told me that "duh, alcohol kills platelets" so umm...I'll be my own scientific experiment. *points to self* If anyone wants a DD...

Oh, and Taylor took his first drink from a faucet today. *loves*