January 11th, 2006

amelia coast

(no subject)

Couldn't do an LJ phone post because the LJ number that I had programmed into my phone didn't work. LJ changed her number on me and didn't tell me. That bitch.

So we went out tonight, after much drama, and it ended up me, Suz, Sarah, a VERY drunk Matt, Arlen, and Diane. Lots of pool, lots of talking, some of my belt whipping three people on the ass, and Arlen being a dear.

Ummm...haven't been this not sober since the last january 10th and feel it's been somewhat earned. Am really juist writing this post for posterity, but if you like itr, why the hell not? Add some letters in this post, eh?

Matt's a good guy in my book and we laughed about un-kosher and un-ladyplike things. Luckily he was not spber uenough to understand. the end.

PS: a drunk shout out to ziggystarmod and his fabulouslness. I'm sorry you missed tonight, but happy birthday to the best birthday ever and I hope it's a good, snarky, smart-ass slytherin one.