January 9th, 2006

amelia coast

a mind montage

If I were to actually make New Year's resolutions, I would have made them to be a better person in some amelia-deemed aspect. I've done one of those things already, kind of...in that patching-up-things-I-kind-of-effed-up-last-year way. I'm glad that we worked things out, although I know that I will just never get along with her and that's okay. Can't get along with EVERYONE. But I patched things up with one person. Goody.

Back to the daily grind of school and I'm already slightly overwhelmed. I introduced myself in my 14-person anth class as a senior, along with EVERYONE else in the class. I've been here for four years, but I'm still a junior (whatev, can't really fight with cancer). I just feel so inept. Seriously. I feel stupid, not in the normal, "I got a 1050 on my SATs" kind of way, in the inept "chemo brain has a serious effect on my brain and I can't remember things and my brain gets fuzzy and I grope for words and feel behind like I won't be competent in my classes" kind of way. I felt so ridiculous in my 410-level class with my favorite professor (Kennett...does anyone know who his wife is? She works in the anth dept, too).

Decided against sucking up to Nick to get into his class and will complete geology minor. Although I know it'll be a huge party and I already know Alec, Dan, and Kristen will all be in it and I won't be. :(

The most important part of this post:Tomorrow's my birthday, does anyone feel like going out for drinks tomorrow night? Diane/Arlen? Roommates? Naima? Anyone else in the Euge?
amelia coast

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My only beef with "punks" is that they never seem to have proper rain gear. And when it rains (like it does in Oregon) their glued mohawks look really fucking stupid.