August 18th, 2005


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Funny story real fast:

So I know this guy through Andy and Tony the Twin named Shoji. I don't actually know his first name, but he's this adorable little (and by little I mean mid twenties) punk rock kid. He was in a few bands like Double o Seven (I think?) with Tony (if memory serves me right). He lives right behind me. The whole time I've lived here, we've been neighbors. I've only hung out with him a few times though. Anyway, so we MIGHT have this place over on Coburg and Harlow, and I saw Shoji moving his stuff out yesterday. We were chatting, and I casually asked where he'd be living. "Over on Harlow off Coburg." haha. We might be neighbors again. Awesome. :-)

Red Robin last night + Andrea's birthday + strawberry banana daquiris = much fun had by all. TOOO MANY fries.

Going now to hang out with Suz's mom and unleash Mom Hell on these assholes till they give us that place on Coburg.

PS: I saw Tracy Fisher yesterday who's back from Chile and she says Mr. Allen went to court to get his teaching liscence back and everyone signed a contract so he could teach full time and they didn't honor it. Anyone have his number?
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