April 29th, 2005

amelia coast

When in doubt, just smile and "arrrgghh!!"

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I'm still not quite sure how this whole "pirate" thing arose. I think it happened the weekend we all went to Heidi's for the fall retreat. And like...watched a bunch of movies including pirates (well, POTC and *le sigh* Peter Pan). So it's now an unwritten bylaw that every time someone says "pirate", Dave, Dan, I, and/or anyone else that's nearby has to yell "arggghh!!!" at them and do the hook thingie. *shrugs* I fell asleep during Peter Pan at the retreat.

Softball game was great. Dan showed up, which was super cool, considering he had mentioned on Tuesday that he had had a prayer engagement (I crack myself up). And by "great" I mean that only two members from the other team showed up so we just played an easy game with 6 and 5.

Last night I felt the need to write a super emo post, but the rest of my flist pretty much covered it. So instead, I made some guacamole with cottage cheese and Suz and I pigged out.

And re: my last post: sorry if I horribly offended anyone, well...I tried to equally offend everyone. Did it work? I intentionally didn't mention Black Student Union, UO Hillel, Off-yello (is that right?), Hawaii Club, etc, because those are different from the asshats appreciation club.

Last but certainly not least, GIP!