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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Paranoid Android [27 Mar 2005|12:54am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Let me just point out that one of my biggest pet peeves is teeny boppers who try to act like they know the band and tell me random things about how they once talked to the lead guitarist, etc. I went to high school with them. I know them. Don't try to tell me something I already know. You do not impress me.

That being said, Suz speshope and Sarah little_s42 and I all went to a Lunar Active show. We went to high school with Brandon and Anthony, and know Ethan from my exboyfriend Tim's northcoastpunk band, the 12 multi colored frozen christian rubber chickens. (12 MCFCRC). So we get there, and everyone and their mom is like...13. FSDKLJKJF

The hardest part about it was that it was weird being at a show without Andy. Without singing along to the Wobblies. Now, there are two problems that would inhibit me of doing such a thing in the near future, as a) Andy is no longer in the band, and b) I grew some balls. But it was weird, I didn't have Jessica Poole or Tony the Twin or Sam or Brian standing, rocking out next to me. Alex Adequit (the 40 something female drummer from the Adequits) wasn't hugging me and/or trying to kiss me. I wasn't in the front row watching Andy and AJ do what they do best.

But it was a fabulous show over all, Brandon (guitarist and screamer for Lunar Active), just got the big goofy Brandon Grin on his face when he saw me and did the whole "It's awesome to see you/you look great/how is everything (i.e. how is your leukemia)? etc"

Number of adolescent boys that I pushed to the ground in a mosh pit: 2
number of hot security guards: 1
number of teeny bopper girls that go to my church that were there: 4
number of kids I recognized from karate: at least 10 (one of them in the band before LA)

oh, and the grossest thing about tonight? After the show, Suz, Sarah, and I went to go grab a cup of coffee at some lame ass place (Kozy Kitchen maybe?). Apparently so did everyone else from the show. This one kid, Chris, one of the ones I knew from karate back in the day when I worked there (apparently I kicked him in the balls one time really hard on accident), he walked in, saw the coffee cup in my hand stuck his finger in it, and walked away.


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