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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Double booking and scary drunks [12 Mar 2005|01:21am]
[ mood | le tired ]

You know you're in Coos Bay when...

* you randomly run into all three of your ex-boyfriend's sisters in different spots (that means, all three of Sean's sisters - Celena and Michelle at the mall and Carly as she was getting kicked out of a bar with her boyfriend, Matt in a span of a few hours).

* You can hit up all the bars in town in under an hour and a half.

* You get hit on by some 30 year old creep who asks to buy you a drink. When your only good reply is "I'm waiting for my boyfriend" (which I don't have one to wait for), he asks you if he can buy your best friend a drink. Again, the only thing I could come up with was that we were both waiting for our boyfriends. We promply left.

* you run into the daughter of your mom's boss (who I graduated with) who now lives in Eugene, but all her friends are in Coos Bay still.

* You see people with giant cold sores (i.e. herpes) all over their face and don't think twice.

* You fit right in when your denim jacket matches your jeans (so I have to dress down for Coos Bay, what can I say?)

* Going to a bar could be considered a high school reunion (which, by the way, when the time comes, the high school reunion will most likely be at some lame ass place like the Timber Inn ANYWAY, so those fuckers will feel right at home)...


My little Taytay's getting his nunus chopped on Sunday - I'm so nervous for him (that is, providing he has enough nunus to chop).

Today's dose of irony? I'm in CB because I am supposedly going to a wedding on sunday. A wedding for a friend that I went to church with all throughout highschool. Cherish McPherson. My parents assume they're invited, although none of us has recieved an invitation. So Mom took me out to lunch today, and asked me something quite peculiar:

Mom: So what time is the wedding on Sunday?
me: 1 pm. Why?
Mom: Oh, I was just under the assumption that something else was going on at Unity [the church] at that time.
me: *now interested* Oh? What's that?
Mom: A funeral...

Okay, so is it me, or is double booking a funeral and a wedding at the same time at the same church just funnier than sin (pun only SLIGHTLY intended)...seriously. I haven't recieved an invitation or anything, but uhh...just amused. I'm tired. It's 1:30 am and I've gone to all the bars in Coos Bay and people smoke in the bars here and it's nastier than the girls on the dancefloor at Club 101 and I'm doing this again tomorrow night? Andrea, be prepared. haha.


PS: GIP. No really. the end.

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