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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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It's a rich man's war, It's one we can't afford... [06 Mar 2005|04:07pm]
[ mood | Content ]

Oh man. Super duper tired.

Awesometastic weekend mini trip to Corvallis. Show. Me on the guest list. My regular drink. My regular band. My regular rocking out with the fabulous C-crew. My regular feeling fantastic and waking up looking like shit and not having a care in the world because I'm loving it.

So, a show at some shitty venue. The crowd was totally not my crowd. There were a few other bands on the bill, and most of the kids that turned out to the bar were like...the GREEK crowd. And they were assholes. There was almost a riot (which amused the fuck out of me) - all because Ty and AJ hung this US flag upside down with a bunch of rad lyrics and the quote "Not my president" with Bush's face on it. Apparently some fuckers didn't like that very much and so they started drama. And the drama was such a buzzkill. Fuckers.

Lovelovelove that crew. Hatehatehate that venue and the crowd it produced.

Am so fucking tired but I have initation tonight (I'm such a good pledge educator - I forgot about it till yesterday, so I had to write "initation" on my hand so I could remind Andy that I had to be back before 5. God I suck).

Yay for crazy mic-kicking and rad shows and good talks with one of the girlfriends (Toby's Jessica) and meeting new people and kicking it with the awesome people. Dude...every time I come back from Corvallis I just feel awesome - shitty and tired, but awesome. Life is meant to be lived. And I'm living it.

More chapters could be added to "The Book." Will leave it at that for right now.

Edit Heather just reminded me: If any of you have seen the "Boondock Saints", you will appreciate this. I took the greyhound to Corvallis having made plans that Andy would pick me up at the bus station there. At the Eugene Greyhound Bus Station, there was this guy who was super sketchy and was wearing black leather gloves and sunglasses in the station (with a black leather jacket, but that wasn't that sketch). I didn't think too much of it (other than only 'kind of sketch') till he bought a bag of those nasty ass jalepeno potato chips and proceeded to eat them with his gloves still on. So at this point I'm kind of freaked out. And then he gets on the same bus as me. Still wearing the jalepeno'd gloves and his sunglasses. I was so sure during the whole bus ride that he would bust out a gun and do some ethnic/religious cleansing just like Connor and Murphy. I was totally freaked out and tried not to make any sudden movements around him.

the end.

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[06 Mar 2005|05:33pm]
I totally just blew a fuzzy out of my nose.
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